October Quarterly Update


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Outreach Teams

The summer is the base's busiest time for receiving teams. June and July had one every week bar one (when we were supposed to receive a church group with teenagers that cancelled as a precaution due to the volcano). August had another couple of teams, we had another couple in September, and we had one with us this month. But that's it for this year now! 

As well as getting involved in our usual ministries and helping out with tasks around the base , the teams also did house visits to some of the families that we minister to in our community, and many teams went to the shelters set up for those displaced by the volcano. Many people had difficult stories about losing family members to the molten mudslides. Teams ministered to families in many ways and it was a significant time. 

Kids Ministry

We have both (and with our kids) been getting more involved with the kids' ministry of the base which was handed over from the couple who are on sabbatical to the Voncannons who themselves are going to be away for a while now too (see our previous update). The month of September was Superhero month, looking at a different hero of the Bible - Esther, Ruth, Paul, and, of course, Jesus.

Finances & Admin

There has been a lot of admin work to do recently as the base is updating the base manual, which covers every area of base activity. There has been plenty of time spent on reviewing the policies and procedures, as well as updating the documentation of various departments.
Also, now that David has had to leave, Peter/Francis has been placed in charge of the finance office, which involves all of the bookkeeping for the base. It has been a frantic week or so of becoming familiar with the financial processes of the base, and the finance office itself is in the midst of a big transition as the base has only recently become recognised as a legal entity. 

Discipleship Training School (DTS) Planning

The DTS is another thing that is now somewhat up in the air, as the Voncannons were the school leaders. The base leadership is considering what might happen regarding the leadership of the school, so please pray for wisdom and for the Lord to direct the right people to take it on so that the school can go ahead, since we already have students signed up.


All photos from on our instagram account

We are doing well as a family, with the exception of a teething baby and a headlice outbreak (which we think we are finally past...). The above is us on McDia Feliz, a day here when all money raised from the sale of Big Macs goes to the Ronald McDonald children's charity.

The kids are doing well - this was them on children's day, which is another day in Guatemala that we don't have in England (my mum always used to tell me when I asked why there was a mothers' day and fathers' day but no children's day that "every day is children's day"!) They each received a toy, but we're trying to teach Charlie that JJ's toys are JJ's toys!

We love having fun together and the kids are growing up to really love each other and their wider family. We had a weeked in Puerto Barrios with Andrea's family again back in August to celebrate birthdays and wedding anniversaries, and are planning to be there next in November for Andrea's dad's birthday and for Jonathan's first birthday!


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July Quarterly Update


A look back on our first three months as part of this base

April - Arriving at the base 

Our first month saw us getting acquainted with life at the base, settling in, learning about how things run here, and have an initial taste of the ministries that take place here, including Bible Distribution, Mums' Ministry, Kids' Ministry, and Mens' Ministry, as well as hosting the first team of our time here. (Staff Day Out silly pose photo pictured above)

May - Finding our place 

By May, more time had been spent taking part in worship leading, as PF is the only worship leader on staff, which has involved learning Spanish versions of songs already known. There has also been a start in developing the Member Care of the base, through teaching about it, conducting a survey to see how the base is, and following it up with interviews about what areas might need to be looked at to help the base run better. This culminated in a report given to the base about some problematic areas that we hope to see addressed in the coming months. Some further administrative development assistance was given as well, and our family attended training in the capital about running a Discipleship Training School (DTS).

June - A volcano erupts, and teams come to help 

We sent out an update about the volcano when it happened (which you can read about HERE and watch HERE if you missed it before).

In the weeks following we have hosted three different teams (and have another two on the way) who have ministered in the local community and at the shelter set up not too far from here for many of those who were evacuated due to the volcanic eruption. (Go to www.instagram.com/ywamantigua for more photos and information)






We have been doing pretty well as a family. The children continue to grow and develop well and we are all feeling at home in our new house. We had a visit up to Puerto Barrios to mark the Guatemalan Mothers' day, and then again to go and mark Fathers' day.



Fathers' is also noteworthy because we had PF's dad out to visit us for two weeks, as we mentioned at the time of the volcano due to him having an unexpected couple of days in Mexico(!). He was with us when we went up to Puerto Barrios that weekend, so was able to have some time with Andrea's family again, 4 years after being here last time.

We were also blessed by the latest team who came through the base, who chose to take time with each member of staff (or family) to pray for and over them and to listen for words of prophecy from God for them. We were touched by what they had to pray for us, including a word that God has called us to the nations, so our time in Guatemala right now is a stepping stone on to other places! We have no idea at the moment when or where we will go next, but will be praying into this word to see what God has for us! Please pray with us!


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April's Quarterly Update

A look back on how the first three months of the year have gone


Well, this week has been only our first week with YWAM Antigua,
but we've been busy over the last three months!

Beginning of the Year

We started the year getting used to life with two little ones, having been not that long joined by Jonathan. This time was also useful for contact with supporters, revamping our web presence, and doing a little local ministry.


We then had 5 weeks booked in England to be able to meet up with supporters, visit churches, share with small groups, reconnect with friends and family, and try to find some time to relax for ourselves as well.

Furlough Extended

Our furlough ended up two weeks longer than planned when Jonathan came down with chicken pox, but were really blessed to be able to do so, as shared in our last update

Moving In

We ended the quarter by moving back to Guatemala, then moving from Puerto Barrios down to Antigua, which you can read more about by following THIS LINK


Semana Santa Processions (see video below)
Charlie was able to enjoy a belated birthday party with her Guatemalan family (since her birthday took place whilst we were in the UK). As you can see, she enjoyed the cake that they chose for her very much (and as I write this she is dressed as Super Girl too!)
JJ got over his chicken pox in a normal amount of time and has been more or less healthy since, although we have all of us been suffering from coughs since getting here. JJ's sleep is up and down (meaning ours is too!)
Andrea took full advantage of English customs and we both drank a lot more tea than is usual. We have, of course, returned here with a big bag of English tea bags (460 to be precise!). Have to drink it less frequently though to make it last!
Click to watch a bit of the processions and get a feel for what it was all like


Praise Points

  • Travelling back here smoothly and successfully
  • Find a place to live quickly and settling in
  • Charlie's leg recovering after being hurt

Prayer Requests

  • To become quickly familiar with everything here
  • To find our place in the way the base runs
  • To be able to always follow God's voice

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